Talk to Rena

Talk to Rena will be a weekly blog that will be published every Sunday morning. Which means I making the commitment to myself and to you to bring you a weekly blog. What's so great about this commitment is that it helps me dedicate sometime to self reflecting and allow for us to communicate on various topics and learn from each other. I know what yall are thinking. "Really sis? Self-reflect? Ain't nobody got time for that." But why is self reflecting important?

Self reflecting allows time to create my own narrative of my life, instead of being on social media or watching TV being consumed with thoughts of other people lives. Self reflecting also helps me reconstruct negative thoughts. Often times our brain is moving so fast that we hold on to a feeling that wasn't even fully processed. For example you may have got mad at the way someone said something to you. In hindsight , that may have been the middle of the day, you have 5 phone calls to return, trying to fight a cold you feel coming on, trying to figure out what you going to eat, and trying to make sure your bun that you didn't use enough hair pins for is still in place. (Maybe that's just me.) But while all of this is on your mind someone says something that rubbed you the wrong way. You didn't react, which is a good thing, but you are holding on to a negative feeling that you have not fully thought through. Which is why self reflecting is important.

I bet you are upset with someone right now and they have no idea. Or even worse you don't like someone but can't even recall why you don't like them. It goes back to the Maya Angelou quote "people may not remember what you said, they may not remember what you did,

but they will never forget how you made them feel." If this is true and we do not forget feelings then we must self reflect on how we view, judge, and process situations, so that we are not harboring negative feelings. Therefore I make a commitment to you and too myself to self reflect.

So, what will be on these Talk To Rena segment blogs? That is a good question. It can be anything from current events to personal matter to motivational talks. You will also be apart of what we converse about through your comments. Please do not hesitate to get involved in the conversation. The quickest way to grow is to be able to learn from other, and I just believe that there are a lot of knowledgeable men and women that visit these blogs and have so many great things to add to it. With that being said, if there are some topics you will like to see discussed on Talk To Rena go ahead and comment below. Until next Sunday my WOKE friends, be blessed.