Check Yourself Out 

Today I realized something when I was looking in the mirror before getting into the shower to start my night time routine, and that was that I had a blemish on my face. Having had a full day with of clients and chit chat with coworkers, The first thing I thought is that everyone has seen this blemish. Then I thought I really need to look in the mirror more. Of course being a deep thinker that I am this went from physical to mental and emotional as well. 

As people we are constantly looking to others to tell us about ourselves or reassure what we feel about ourselves. You might look at a celebrity or a social media influencer And think that person is so sure of themselves. That might be because that person spends more time in front of the mirror or in front of the camera where they get to really check in with themselves.  Some may criticize this behavior or stereotype it as being superficial but I’m here to tell you that IT’S OK TO CHECK YOURSELF OUT! 

Being in the social work field I try to record conversations as often as possible I’ve had interviews with people, great interviews that I hope to post one day, that I haven’t even posted merely off the strength of me checking in with myself, and using them to make me better. Does the expression that I make to show empathy really give empathy? Does my quick replies give off judgement when I’m really just excited to help? We all have questions that we ask ourselves about ourselves, but who better to tell you about yourself better then you? So look and feel your best by checking in with yourself as often as possible! 

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