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More Myself by Alicia Keys

Throughout the month of May we read and deciphered the new Alicia Keys book, More Myself: A Journey. There were many ways to connect and relate to Alicia's story. Through personal struggles, career conflicts, and encounters with love, we all connected with Alicia in one way or another. Alicia talks about her journey to be comfortable with herself.

One part that stood out was how she responded to the lost of a love one. "Death is a gift meant to wake up the living, to nudge us toward a life of purpose and intention." Having lost a love one myself and changed careers to follow a new found passion I deeply believe in this quote. In lieu of the current times, after the murder of George Floyd, many of us are finding a passion in changing injustice. Her journey is true to what is still happening today, where unarmed black people are being killed inspiring her to write the songs like "We Are Here" and "We Gotta Pray."

This book is written in a way that encourages growth through her use of intricate vocabulary. It might be said this is a self-help/worth book to cultivate her audience to be the best "You" that you can be. Overall Alicia's story express the importance of growing and improving as long as we are alive.

Thank you Mrs. Keys for writing this book!

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