Believe Bigger Book Review

Believe Bigger- Discover The Path to Your Life's Purpose was written by Marshawn Evans Daniels. This was our first book club read and honestly I could not have read a better book for the time that I am in now. With starting this blog, getting more involved in the community, diving deeper into my spiritual life, and trying to use the gifts that God gave me to help others, this book is breathing life into all these endeavors.

Marshawn's transperancy captures your attention in the first chapter. She opens up about incidents that has happened to her in a way that makes you connect with her brokenness and upset with her abuser. The book is broken up into 3 parts: how destruction is designed to get our attention, the purpose map, and stepping into more. Connecting with Marshawn's heart breaking experience helped me examine my own heart breaking experiences and understand the healing and soul searching that she went though to get to a positive and health place.

She then talk about the purpose map. She literally give you a blue print to finding you purpose! The map steps are very practical steps but she explains them in a way that makes you think deeply. The steps to the purpose map and my take away from each steps are listed below:

1.Discovery- Expect more. See past your current heartbreak.

2. Talent- Start before you are ready. Fear is a trait that the enemy put there to misguide you.

3.The Gap- Stop asking for permission.

4.Gifts- Invest in you. Pursue your gifts.

5. Influence and legacy- Finish what you started. Use your gift to be a blessing to others.

She also talks about how to step into more and keep making advancements while walking in your purpose.My favorite thing about this book that it is faith based and if you are using your spiritual life to help guide your purpose then you will find it easy to connect with Mashawn's purpose map, but she breaks everything down in a way that even if you are not spiritual there are alot of life events that you can connect with.

I love everything that Marshawn Evans Daniels did with this book. it was very motivating and truely helps you Believe Bigger!

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