Talk to Rena: 2020 Vision

Can you believe that we are 12 days into the new year already! I am not going to lie sis I put a lot of expectations on myself with these goals.But to whom much is given much is required. I believe the visions and goals that I set for myself is to prepare me for the blessings that are coming my way. So without further due, I will be listing my goals in detail.

Hopefully by publicly stating my goals it will hold me more accountable and help someone else. The goals are listed in no particular order. My goals are as follows:

Continue to grow spiritually. I plan to do this by reading my daily devotional and saying yes whenever I am faced with a spiritual opportunity even if it is outside my comfort zone. For example, any opportunity to pray for and with someone or when asked to represent my church in anyway, I will take it. What has helped me in the past to grow spiritually is talking to like minded people, having a set time to read my devotional, and participating in more events at my church, all of which I plan to do in 2020. My supports for this goal are my friends and family, who all believe in a higher power. Also the bible app, for their great devotionals. And my church for obvious reasons. SN: I do not believe that going to church makes you anymore or any less spiritual it is just something that helps hold me accountable to my goals.

Go back to school. This goal is already started, so I am not going to go in detail about all the things I needed to do, both mentally and physically, to prepare for this. But I plan to be successful as a full time student and full time case worker by being extremely organized and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, because I work faster and more effectively when I get a good night sleep. My Saturday's will turn into a work day and I will have to watch less TV to get this done. My supports for this goal are my co-workers who have done the same thing, my calendar and planner, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere else that is not 10 ft from my bed.

Lose weight. I do not have a set number of weight I want to lose but I am working out 4 times a week and have changed my eating. The main changes that I am making with my eating is not eating meat at least 4 days out the week, staying away from starchy foods like bread and potatoes, no fast food, and drink a gallon of water daily. My supports for this goal are the lose it app, my brother who is an athlete, and prayer. I do plan to use to partake in a 5 day juicing at the end of this month.

Good vibes only. This goal have many different sub-goals but I am basically wanting to give off good vibes and only be around people that give off good vibes. This goal is different because it is not really measurable and the only support I have for this is my conscious.

These are my main goals for 2020 outside of my financial goals and budgeting that I also took time to review but will not share in today's blog. I do have some other small goals that may or may not happen in 2020 like getting a new car, starting a youtube channel, write a book, getting a t-shirt press and selling WOKE merch to support non-profit. I also want to increase my impact in the community but that might be on hold for a while I am in school.

Thanks for letting me share my 2020 goals with you and feel free to comment below with your 2020 goals or if you need more details so that we can hold each other accountable. Until next time sis, be blessed!