You Blog?

"You have a website? For what?" asked a very confused Connie.

"To have a line of communication to people that I may or may not know and share my life experiences. Hopefully it will help others share theirs." I replied.

"Well that's dumb." Said Connie. "Why would people that don't know you want to read about your life and why would you want them to know all your business?" She asked.

"Well maybe something that I have been through can help someone else and besides its not going to be filled with heavy conversations, we will talk about a lot of entertaining news through a positive view point as well." I explained.

"Like what?" Said Connie

"We will talk about all kind of things from being a young professional, to trending topics, to suicide prevention, and everything in between. Even things like reality TV shows, Music, and Sports. But the whole point is to look at everything through a positive view and understand there is always ways to empower people. I will also be sharing my spiritual growth, hair growth, and weight loss journeys and will need lots of advice and encouragement from everyone." I continued to explain.

"Oh ok! I been thinking bout going natural for a long time and would love to hear about the pro and cons. What made you think of this?" Said an intrigued Connie.

"Now that's a long story, but if you have time read my blog entitled 'The Vision' and it will tell you all about it." I replied.

"Will do." Connie exclaimed. " I'm so glad I ran into you. I can't wait to be apart of all this good conversation."

I replied excitingly "Same here I look forward to chatting with you!"

This page is one of empowerment. POSITIVE VIBES are the only vibes allowed. We respect all opinions and encourage people to use their voice but I ask that we will do so in a positive way. And if this fictional short story intrigued you please SUBSCRIBE and to become apart of the conversation.