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The vision of WOKE is to create an uplifting environment that allow women to network, give back, inspire, and be inspired.


WOKE mission is to share knowledge, empower women and girls in our community through action, and support each others endeavors. We aim to change the stigmas of women interaction, decrease depression through fun and meaningful activities, and honor God through our work in the community.


  Welcome to the #WOKE movement. Now days we associate the word woke with having open eyes to how things work or seeing things that others didn't want you to know (basically reading the fine print). This includes a range of topics from race, to political discussions, to reality TV and so much more. On this site the acronyms W.O.K.E means Women of Knowledge and Empowerment. Myself and other young, educated,  professional women will create blogs discussing a variety of topics. I believe that there is positivity in every situation and this page create blogs that spread that mindset and empower others. Therefore, we would love to discuss varies controversial issues but we ask that you keep an open mind and a positive outlook. Thank you in advance for being a part of the discussion.

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Confetti Storm
Bookclub Meeting
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This month we are reading the new book by Alicia Keys entitled More Myself: A Journey.

Meet The Team

Sherena Abercrumbia is a young professional that wear many hats. She is a licensed chemical dependency counselor, certified teacher, coach, aunt, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, mentor, and role model. She had a great basketball career that has lead her into becoming a coach. Sherena has a passion for mentoring and helping young adults. She also have a heart for suicide prevention and spreading hope and positivity. Her hope for this page is to entertain, inform, and spread love to others.

Sherena Abercrumbia

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